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Akmal Zakirov's Biography 

Akmal Zakirov is a boxing and kickboxing coach, as well as a former professional fighter. He was born on May 7th, 1971 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Akmal Zakirov started his sports career as a soccer player while still in high school, but later became interested in kickboxing. He joined the local sports club in Tashkent, where he trained under the supervision of Batur Zakirov. Akmal Zakirov won many titles during his fighting career, including the World Championship in the IKF version in 1996 and the Champion of the World among professionals in the version PKF of kickboxing in 2002. After his fighting career, he founded the professional club of boxing and kickboxing, called BARS BOXING, where he coaches fighters of different ages and skill levels.

In 1987 he graduated from a junior high school of the city of Tashkent. While still being a high school student, Akmal liked to play soccer.
In the fall of 1989 Akmal was drafted to the Soviet Army and served in Poland for two years.
In 1993, at the age of 22 years old, Akmal found himself very much interested in kickboxing and joined "Billur" - the local sports club in Tashkent where he statred training under supervision of Batur Zakirov.
In the fall of 1993, Akmal took part in a Chempionship of Uzbekistan, in the city of Chirchik where he got the honorable 3rd place. In the spring of 1994 Akmal competed at a few international championships where he demonstrated a very good athletic performance and has received various trophies. In the summer of the same year, Akmal Zakirov started training younger fighters.
In the fall of 1994 Akmal won a title of the Champion of Uzbekistan. Concurrently, Akmal was teaching one junior and one senior kickboxing and thai boxing teams at the sport center "Billur".
In the summer of 1995 Akmal Zakirov won a selective tournament that qualified him for the upcoming World Championship of Kickboxing (version WAKO).

In November of 1995 Akmal competed at the World Championship in Kiev (Ukraine), kickboxing WAKO style, and got an honorable 2nd Place, a silver medal and a certificate. After this competition, the Sports Committee of Uzbekistan honored Akmal Zakirov with an honorable title of Master of Sport of International Level ("Master Sporta Mejdunarodnogo Klassa - MSMK").
At the end of 1995, in the city of Vladivostok, Akmal Zakirov won a Champion's Title of Asia. By this time, Akmal already was assigned to teach 5 kickboxing and thai boxing groups.

In the spring of 1996 Akmal had a professional 7-round kickboxing fight but prematurely won in the 3rd round. In the summer of 1996, the National Kickboxing Team of Uzbekistan recevied an invitation to participate in the World Championship of Kickboxing (version IKF- Full Contact Free Style) in Chech Republic. During this competition Akmal became a World Champion in the IKF version. The same year Akmal's students have won various international competitions and have recieved various honorable decorations.    

In the spring of 1997 Akmal was defending his title of the Champion of Uzbekistan in a 7-round professional fight. In the summer of 1997 he started to train for the 3rd World Championship of kickboxing in versions IAKSA and WAKO. In September of 1997, in England, he took a 3rd place in the World Championship in version IAKSA, Full Contact, 54 kg.
In October of 1997, in Croatia, Akmal took a 3rd place in the World Championsip of kickboxing in the version WAKO, Low Kick, 51 kg. In November of the same year, in Poland, Akmal took a 2nd place in IX World Championship in the version WAKO, Full Contact, 54 kg.

In 1998 Akmal won a 1st place in the International Tournament "Stars of Asian Kick Boxing" that took place in the city of Dergan, Uzbekistan. Also, in 1998, Akmal Zakirov began to intensively develop his coaching career. During the period of 4 years he brought together over 100 students many of which showed a great performance on various championships of Europe, Asia and the World. His most famous and highly decorated students are: Raimjan Kambarov (Asian medalist), Timur Myhamedjanov (World medalist), Shavkat Urakov (World medalist and World Champion), many-times champions of Uzbekistan and international tournaments Asad Aliev, Husniddin Sattarov, Olmos Abdulaev, Akbar Akramov, Zour Buriev, Ravshan Gafurov and many othes.

In the fall of 1998 Akmal participated in the open championship of Europe in version IAKSA. In a very controversial fight, in the final, Akmal got a 2nd honorable place and a Silver Medal.
Starting 2000, Akmal Zakirov began competing in professional tournaments and had a number of fights in boxing and kick boxing.
In 2001, Akmal Zakirov, as a coach of Akbar Akramov, was invited to New York. In the fall of 2001 Akmal's student won the championship fight. Later on that year, Akmal himself was offered to fight in a professional tournament in New York. In October of 2002 Akmal Zakirov became the Champion of the World among professionals in the version PKF of kick boxing, 135 lb.

At present time, Akmal Zakirov has become a founder of the professional club of boxing and kickboxing - BARS BOXING - where he coaches fighters of different ages and skill levels. Some of his students have been training for upcoming boxing and kick boxing competions while others have already competed and taken honorable places. The follwoing are the names of some fighters that proudly train at BARS BOXING: Andrey Bukatar, Gennady Gendel, Dmitri Nonahov, Akmal Ilhomov, Andrey Tsviakh, Anotoliy Volfson, Konstantin Tkeshashvili, Aleksandr Vahrushev and others.

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