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Coach and the Owner and 2 Times World Champion.

"Bars Boxing" Gym offers a comprehensive program for individuals interested in kickboxing, boxing, or Muay Thai. With the expertise of Akmaljan Zakirov, a two-time world champion in kickboxing with 30 years of experience, participants can benefit from his knowledge and experience in the sport.

The gym caters to individuals of all ages and offers classes for both beginners and advanced students. They also offer morning and evening classes to accommodate different schedules.

Aside from the physical benefits of martial arts training, such as improved strength and cardiovascular health, participating in these classes can also improve confidence and lead to a healthier lifestyle overall.

Whether the goal is to prepare for a match or simply to tone and tighten the body, "Bars Boxing" Gym has the facilities, expertise, and programs to help individuals achieve their goals.

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